Friday, October 27, 2006

something i really want

it's not my birthday, but i have something that i really want to get in the next year

1. being CCNP
2. Go to overseas
3. have a great job as Network Engineer
4. handle a big network
5. live with cisco router & Catalyst everyday
6. Good English, at least not afraid to make mistakes when i talk or write something
7. Get Married

i think the only one i need now is a miracle hahaha.
it's not easy to get all everything i want.
hmmm maybe it was just a dream
God, please help me......


wedhouz said...

diwalik wae piye?
sing nomer 7 dadi nomer 1

Catur Yudha said...

Hebat mas, Tercapai semua sudah Impiannya yah Mas :)
Berharap sekali Saya bisa mengikuti Jejak Mas Dedi :)

~Sehat & Sukses Selalu mas :)

Catur Yudha said...
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